Jon Ryan Ruhlman

The CIAs crooked spy system "rule enforcer" Jon Ryan Ruhlman with his nice stronghold well-established international CIA front company continues stalking me from one of the rooms above loudly dragging furniture around, barking stupidities, sonic pelting my computer and such as I do research on this criminal and his family. His brother is a famous and well known author of cooking books and gets published and is linked to the big names in that business. His father, grandfather, grandmother and such were all tied to the elite schools not only all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio but also to Laurel School where my sister attended, an all-girls spy school also full of criminals and stalkers. This criminal unlike the joke of a CIA front company TRIK in Turkey for Emeka Mbanefo, has a long seated international serious spy-cover CIA front company:

His father is CEO and chairman and his grandmother Barbara ( is also on the board. Mr. J. Ryan Ruhlman is a Director of the Company. Mr. Ryan Ruhlman has worked for the Company for over ten years, recently being promoted to the role of Director, Marketing and Business Development. One can see here:

Mr. Ryan Ruhlman will serve in the vacancy created by Mr. Randall M. Ruhlman’s resignation in the 2016 class of directors, which class will stand for re-election at the 2016 annual meeting of stockholders. It is a family business full of Ruhlman and some other big name families who were tied to the spy schools under the umbrella CCIS CCIS used to only consist of University School, Laurel School, Hawken School and Hathaway Brown School but since has come to have around 10 more spy schools and all the dropouts from University School attended one of those for the most part. The top of those deciding CIAs hit list and stalking crime gangs are all formed mostly at these prestigious schools and a lot of people have noted that Ohio, CIA and stalking go hand and hand with a strange link. Ohio is mostly a small military dictatorship with a big surveillance grid where the CIA set up there most pivotal long-standing front companies. Emeka Mbanefo is small potatoes compared to this criminal and his CIA front company is the type that is so well-established its hard to bring down. May Allah bring guidance to or justice against this coward criminal, expose his front company Preformed and those protecting him on spy satellite.
criminal stalker Ryan Ruhlman showing up to stalk, target and harass me as he has a unique and distinct voice and personality as well as being a direct link to my class of 2001 at elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio. they sent a stalker directly from the blighted spy school. I would be happy to testify in court against this criminal. Where is he now? Pretending to be on an international assignment for his CIA front company Preformed Line Products?
I'm certain about this crook though and though I thought it might of been the one whose voice was coming from neighboring rooms for a year and a half nearly, I realize he showed up with a spy emergency from the school about 2 weeks ago, with the criminals from this school feeling free and easy to operate in Europe.
This stupid idiot criminal stalker Ryan Ruhlman who showed up in the last 2 weeks to stalk me from one of the neighboring rooms, and whose distinct voice and personality is blatantly obvious, continues barking threats and stupidities as the criminals lurk and illegally spy on me using a US military spy satellite mostly nonsense about "we have to make him gay" "he has to be fat" "we need to delete his software" "he's destroying everyone's life" and the usual nonsense this crime cult all barks all day. It is interesting that someone directly identifiable would show up to stalk and harass me. His brother is famous in the cooking industry apparently training this criminal as a sports mob forced athlete "dinner" feeding crook, like many criminals in the CIA and FBI do as part of spy "punishment" and these various fame rackets to attempt to use dirty psychology to force people to train as athletes. May Allah bring guidance to or justice against this coward thug, his mafia and those protecting him on satellite who were classmates including dropouts from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who continue their persecution assault attempting to give me brain damage through routine drugging, poisoning and chemical abuse feeding while I sleep and poisoning coffee or various things in my kitchen non-stop. I'm not scared of these cowards but shocked at how criminals can get away with this in such an obvious manner. The CIA director has some explaining to do as does the Obama administration.
The CIAs crooked spy system "rule enforcer" criminal stalker Ryan Ruhlman continues to be heard spazzing out and complaining in one of the rooms above and while I single this crook out, there are a lot of thugs from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who are stalking and harassing me now from neighboring rooms as I pull the veil off this crime syndicate breeding institution. The criminals are brutally assaulting me now filling my belly with pounds of drug and chemical laden "gravy" and "ice cream" attempting to do forced fattening and give brain damage. This one showed up within the last weeks along with a dozen or two other mobsters from the blighted school hiding behind top secret security clearances and immunity and protected with treasonous abuse of a US military spy satellite operated by the more rich and elite thugs of the school.
A crook who sounds somewhat like Ryan Ruhlman is heard still stalking me from the room above, loudly dragging furniture around and turning on a dizzying microwave weapon immediately as I started my prayers, a criminal stalking attempt already done before where they try to "delete his prayers" or "wreck his prayers" by every time one goes to pray dragging furniture or making loud noises from nearby and turning on a powerful dizzying microwave weapon. It is a criminal abuse of US military technology but the spy network from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio hardly cares. For them it is about achieving big powerful crime rackets including a boxing syndicate fame racket stunt for whoever they chose to "expel" using Emeka Mbanefo and the "ban" is not a coincidence there as they use that particular stalker and some of the worst of them for the people they cannot establish control over.
This CIA criminal Ryan Ruhlman continues to be distinctively heard in a neighboring room and now joined by around 5 or 6 mobsters who are obvious crooks from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who are talking about drugging coffee and other nonsense non-stop planning more sleep assaults, using microwaves on my room and dragging around heavy equipment in all the neighboring rooms among other harassment or sabotage as they try to back up their athlete mob financer criminal stalker Emeka Mbanefo and this sizable and rich spy network of cowards who are committing treason with top secret security clearances and political favors from the Obama administration. There are probably 2 dozen criminals from the school who showed up now a lot of them occupying rooms in a neighboring apartment building and taking turns stalking and doing drugs likely all day and acting like a posse of losers making them obvious and misfits in Hungary where this behavior is not normal.
Let me tell you about a very specific CIA control personality mechanism. Ryan Ruhlman was famous for a duality personality - "spazz" out and complain, "spazz" out and complain. In one case, temper tantruments and angry rages which I call "spazz"ing indicating loss of control, getting into trouble and thus being at someone elses mercy aka the disciplinarian who could control him. In the other case he learned to complain admitting he had no ability to do anything and the higher authority aka disciplinarian had to take care of it for him. The "spazz-complainer" is apparently one of the CIAs classic psychologies since it leads to an easily controlled and manipulated person who largely cannot think for themselves. I awoke with a complaining Ryan Ruhlman who with 100% certainty had the same voice and personality I had not heard in 15 years as this classmate from syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio decided to become a primary stalker in the last year and a half or so. Other times a lot of loud angry pounding noises come nearby but what I heard from above was telling as it came from a nasty whiny voice "I hate listening to this jerk" "they gave an Islamic life to that retard" "we have to get rid of his Islam" "I want to leave this retard" "I'm so sick of this a**hole" "let Emeka make him stupid" "he ruined my life" "everyone hates his Islam" "he screwed over my budget" etc and so forth. There was almost an interesting monologue mixed in as he was not listening to whoever he was talking to and instead just venting to the other crook.
A year and 4 months and a voice of a stalker is finally identified. His father's obvious CIA front company Preformed Line Products where he claims to be a "Business Development Specialist" which gives him a nice cover to be an international stalker with no accountability, is found here: A lot of angry barking and loud pounding noises above and ticking noises in my bed area as apparently the criminal sleep assaults I have experienced have had this bully playing a very large role. Abuse of drugs and a life raised to be a stalker enforcer for a crime gang has put him in this place and situation.