Fitness First Philippines Mobbing

Ultimately the crooks will only scheme to cause injury to me or harassment against me so this information will be permanently exposed.

I had considered keeping confidential this information as Fitness First, Les Mills, the boxing syndicate and various others deserve a real opportunity to do their part in ensuring the end of their various negative stunts against me or getting the criminals performing this nonsense caught.  As it is necessary to fight the crooks and crooks do not back down as it is against their very nature, it must be a permanent in the public domain.

Fitness First is controlled behind the scenes by American black-ops syndicates and boxing syndicates. Those who are intelligent enough to understand what electronic control of a gym entails would also know to stay away from this loser gym known for having custom mind-programmed homosexuals and other types of perverts who are all in various mobs and syndicates. I had a personal trainer Heman James Ines here who was a thug tied into the boxing syndicate and Team Paquiao who would have me drugged at my home before training, endless fattening stunts and tube feedings, as well as my open coffee lacked with date rape drug Rohypnol as a form of control. If the gym takes interest in you, your entire life will end up targeted and surrounded by syndicate and mob perverts. Best be advised to be careful. Even fitness instructor for BodyAttack, Rico Comia would endlessly bring out bread loaves, cakes and even Cheetos while giggling like a moron in the middle of classes, a form of fattening bullying the instructors their commonly use. Most people do not realize how powerful the American syndicates are do to high-tech weapons which are generally only used within America but have crept into the Philippines including remote neural monitoring (RNM), directed energy weapons and other such nonsense. I would not jump into a gym membership here though if you do not understand this technology and the way the syndicates covertly operate as amateur spies. And if you do understand it all, then you would not be wasting your time reading this as you could find an "off the grid" place to train.
Hindsight: Rico Comia was a pivotal part of the corruption with the BodyAttack mentorship at FitnessFirst. This idiot would bring Cheetos and bread and cakes and other things to class and inappropriately take them out during the middle of the classes and start giggling like a baby and showing them to his perverted mob friends. A typical form of instructor bullying, completely unprofessional and deserving loss of job, respect and any sort of power, FitnessFirst took no action against the crook. The first classes where I met him, he would always use a nasal homosexual recruitment voice to call me "baby" and did any number of homosexual recruitment stunts as did some of the other BodyAttack instructors before finally dropping the act and getting more serious. Les Mills purports to take a tough stance on bullying though it is hard to believe given that this instructor network at least in Southeast Asia is more of a perversion cult fronting for the mob than anything else. These fitness instructors are meant to do a performance but many did not have a problem with doing militant homosexual recruitment, fattening nonsense and other stupidities. I am ever so happy to have cancelled my Fitness First membership though it is time to document the crookedness and foul unprofessional and immature behavior that went on there without consequence. That Team Paquiao boxing syndicate thug trainer Heman James Ines continues to quietly motivate the crooks to come after me with harassment over fattening, muscles, endurance and other such nonsense is further telling of the criminal corruptness of Fitness First. More to come...
Rico Comia who needs to be carefully monitored latest post where he refers to a bunch of syndicate perverts doing homosexual recruitment as a "TEAM". I believe we call that a perversion "cult" in most sociology classes but idiots will rationalize their stance as they will.
Here is an example of a Fitness First BodyPump and BodyCombat instructor who was "shrek"ed by the boxing syndicate after he was too tough to control so they turned him into a boxer, had his brains bashed out and a few concussions later you have a thoroughly fattened, weird perverted homosexual drama actor with women constantly surrounding him and encouraging his gay behavior in a mob reinforcement programming technique which I have seen to design other circus freak types who have overly dramatic sex freak act type natures yet are surrounded by mob idiots who constantly reward and reinforce the behavior. It is seen in the running community as well by one of the mobs programmed perverts who wears a skirt. Interesting to learn the syndicate culture and how women who are typically lesbians get pleasure out of reinforcing what they see as homosexual behavior in men. This guy is a case in point. Worse yet, the syndicate used my computer while I was at the gym to add the guy as he accepted a friend request which I never sent, something which occurred on a couple other occasions as well.
My mentorship under YS Teoh was corrupt from the start. Perhaps it was his threats to others in the training to want to re-sit me before I even performed my track or perhaps it was the weird conversation about using microwave weapons on people he had with others or the ones where the American syndicate representative was present before a class and he was asking what gay drama they wanted him to do. Do not get me wrong, he was a professional without a doubt compared to the rest of the Fitness First crowd and did not cross any serious lines as he had other people do that for him. This is how the manager stays clean, he has his lower downs do the dirty work and if you have the nerve to cause a confrontation the management will make a phony resolution like it is a misunderstanding. Perhaps Teoh would like to explain how the gym is under electronic control and Les Mills instructors are quite literally programmed by intelligence handlers who play music into their mind all day or subconscious exercise movement repeatedly to try to perfect what they see as an instructor. This technology is all very great and wonderful until you realize that the Les Mills programming team, a group of shadowy Australians who had showed up in Manila around the time of a BodyCombat audition is a bunch of degenerates also involved in gay programming and other such nonsense to make what they see as a well rounded pervert instructor. These mentorships they are selling are hardly honest and up front as many instructors have had to be turned into boxers or made sick or been put in the hospital through a designed motorcycle accident when their programming is not going the way the programmer wanted generally with regards to the non-fitness and non-athletic aspects as forcing someone to be a perverted freak is not easy and requires fancy syndicate assaults and reinforcement designs day and night possibly for months. I do not think Teoh wants to explain that, he would rather brush it off as "this guy is crazy" but when his casual discussions involve talking about using microwave weapons through a wall to get rid of people, we know that he knows better. I think the best part would to be to explain all the covert and mandatory militant homosexual recruitment and fattening perversion nonsense going on in BodyAttack here in what is better described as a syndicate or cult than a team as we all know teams do not have secrets, though with the prevalence of cults in todays world is this really surprising? Teoh ran away from my mentorship here when he knew it would be a total failure and back to Malaysia to leave me to the wolves and it was a smart move indeed. Yet despite loving his artificial life and job, he is full of evidence of wrongdoing and dark dirty secrets of how control in the fitness world is achieved and the dark side of the gym which is largely a racket when 90% of the people come for weight-loss which is something achievable through diet alone if one cared to learn proper nutrition. You cannot escape the consequences of your actions any better than anyone else can. You can support my political asylum or you can continue allowing all the gay perversion drama and programming stupidity to continue. That of course is your choice. Given that I need support, I suppose I will either turn you into my supporter or ruin you and your secrets. That is called pure intelligence. Generally criminal activity to spy upon is not part of your normal average run-of-the-mill mentorship yet my rich parents sent me to a spy-training school where I was surrounded by criminals who would later be harassing me day and night via spy satellite and advanced "political control" technology so I have become quite good at picking up on it. The fact that things have gone this far with you and Les Mills leaving things open ended is not good. It signals that much needs to be destroyed before anyone will get anywhere. I already wisely cancelled Fitness First. Time to clean up loose ends.

Former mentor who blocked me, YS Teoh is purportedly talking to his lawyer now as he should be fired and thrown in jail for participating in the militant homosexual recruitment going on here. He purportedly said that he wants to have my muscle destroyed by the crooks harassing me. More information about the criminal will be forthcoming. He has clearly been spreading corruption and mischief and "The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution" - Quran 5:33. "Phattymaria Breezy" who blocked me before I could expose her is open mafia. On her page she has many photos of one of her legs raised in the air with comments like "mmoooooooooooooofffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Of course they made her a Les Mills BodyJam instructor without a problem as it is more about if they can target you to be a pervert than about talent or skill per se. YS Teoh also already blocked me as he tries to brace for the damage that can destroy his artificial life.

Team Pacquiao's boxing syndicate personal trainer at Fitness First Megamall Heman James Ines sent the following cryptic text message on August 5th, 2013 as I do not have a sponsor though he would continually imply I had them despite that we were doing nothing more than normal bulking training: ".nice.dnt forget our sponsor.hehe.tnx..". Gatorade Philippines is networked with the boxing syndicate here and had already given me many sponsored products at various running and triathlon events. It is quite obvious the criminals in that sports drink organization had secretly sponsored a corrupt boxing training. The thug a month later when I stopped training with him then had his syndicate buddies send spy emails with an address "manorel" implying you can be a man and do boxing or be an elephant where we fatten you like they are trying to do now with endless insulin injections and tube feedings despite that I eat a scientific weight-loss detox nutrition diet of oats and salads.

His Resume on
Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
Location: National Capital Region, Philippines
Posted: May 30, 2014
Heman James S. Ines
Tandang Sora, Quezon City


To seek a challenging career and become an asset in companies offering programs and
services that focus on the physical fitness and total well being of clients.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Has passed Basic Life Support last May 17, 2012
Has passed First Aid Training For Sportsmen last May 18 – 19, 2012
Has passed subprofessional exam in Civil Service last October 16, 2011 with an average
of 80.33 %
Highly educated in different areas of Sports and Gym Settings
Knowledgeable in Computer and making use of the Microsoft Office
Acquainted with Music especially Singing
Making an effective exercise program to clients
Consistency Award in Fitness First for consistently hitting sales and conduction budget
Had worked 2 years in Fitness First Philippines from April 2012 – April 2014

April 2011 – October 2011 UST JUDO TEAM / SPORTS SCIENCE GYM


November 2011 – December 2011 PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER ( WELLNESS )

January 2012 – March 2012 BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS

Trainings and Lectures Attended

Has exposure visit in Hongkong Sports Science Institute and seminar on sports nutrition,
sports biomechanics and sports massage last October 2011
Has attended the Certification Course on Manual Theraphy Module 7 : INTEGRATED
Has successfully completed the M.O.V.E. Manila Run 09 last July 19, 2009 at UP
DILIMAN, Quezon City
Medicine Ball and Fitball Training in FITNESS FIRST PHILIPPINES

Educational Attainment
Maluya Cor. Banzon St., Central, Balanga City, Bataan
June 1999 – March 2003

Roman Super Highway, Balanga City Bataan
June 2003 – March 2007

Bachelor of Science in Sports Science
June 2007 – April 2012
Personal Data

Birth date : August 23, 1990 Civil Status : Single
Age : 23 years old Religion : Born Again
Gender : Male Height : 169.5 cm
Nationality : Filipino Weight : 76 kilograms

Character Reference

Dr. Raphael S. Sanchez
Surgeon and Team Physician of BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS

Reil Vinard S. Espino
Strength and Conditioning Coach of Cebuana Lhuillier Gems
University of Santo Tomas Professor

Nick Ocampo
Physical Therapist of BMEG DERBY ACE LLAMADOS


The corrupt secret sponsor obtained by the boxing syndicate morons seems to be easily identifiable as Gatorade Philippines with certainty.

Thug coward from Team Pacquiao's boxing syndicate personal trainer at Fitness First Megamall Heman James Ines syndicate continues to surround and harass me and even worse threaten a "robbery stunt". This criminal The NBI refuses to jail the criminal. The phone number to help track the moron down is: +639151290465. contains a picture for reference.
This idiot is without a doubt full of information about other boxing syndicate crooks. He thugged me at the beginning of training with a stunt where he had to leave for 2 weeks and told me not to train with another trainer. A trainer named "Bernard" stepped in and insisted I train with him in his absence. I trained with Bernard that day and he immediately got a phone call from Heman who could be heard with a punching bag being pounded loudly in the background who said "you wait for me to come back" and hung up. That night I awoke with my muscles feeling relaxed and a foul smell of dead muscle tissue in my urine as the criminals "burned" my muscle using a certain known combination of tranquilizers, muscle relaxants and sedatives that causes rhabdomyolosis or muscle death. When I later told Heman about it, he laughed the matter off. Later, further Bernard's would be introduced to me and then further rhabdomyolosis induced during sleep, or injections in my hamstring to tighten the muscle as another form of "burning". This is the way a trainer covertly builds a thug control mechanism over an athlete since you are always scared of all your hard work in training being "burned" away by the criminals. This is the spreading of corruption and mischief. "The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution" - Quran 5:33.

Notice that BodyAttack Philippines is controlled by an American syndicate front idiot named "Reimond Reyes" who has an elephant in his cover photo which is a classic mobster term for someone they have run their fattening perversion on. The spider in reference is another stunt they did on me in Indonesia where brown recluse spider bites on my foot requires hospitalization to remove necrotic tissue from the venomous poison. These are syndicate crooks and they are all over facebook and quite easy to find an identify if you know their psychology and have learned their amateur stupid spy nonsense.

Here is a gay apologist syndicate moron running cover up for Fitness First.
More from a gay mob apologist at Fitness First.

One of the primary perpetrators Julius Jury Domino who was an "elephant slavery" promoter and pervert.

BodyAttack instructor who kept reminding me about other instructors being gay and did his own homosexual recruitment stunt Pat Nua:

BodyPump head instructor Jon Banalo:

For documentation purposes only:

BodyPump instructor James Sandoval:
BodyAttack instructor Sean Lirio:
BodyAttack instructor Mark Jefferson Esperanza Mercado:
BodyCombat instructor Jarmaine Sotto:
BodyAttack batch mate Benjamin Lin:
BodyAttack batch mate Jhayr Estrella: